Penguin’s Spring Sale of Vitrifrigo 12 Volt Fridges

April 20th, 2018

25% Discount on C51i and C62i 12 Volt Fridges (while stocks last)

The sun is finally shining in England after a pretty miserable start to 2018. Perfectly timed as we have just received our biggest ever delivery of stock fridges from Vitrifrigo and have realised that our warehouse is no longer big enough, so we are offering some great deals on our most popular size fridges the C51i 12V & 24V fridge fridge (equivalent size to the Dometic CRX50) and the C62i 12V & 24V (equivalent size to the Dometic CRX65) to help clear some space.

Despite the improved performance of the Dometic CRX range the Vitrifirgo fridges remain the most efficient 12 volt DC fridge we  have tested – still some 8% better in our tests on power consumption over a 24 hour period.  So if you are thinking of finally fitting a 12 volt fridge on your boat or updating your existing, or you need a 12V fridge to complete your camper conversion, use the voucher codes below to take advantage of less 25% (from our RRP) on grey C51i fridges, or grey and black C62i ordered between now and 31st May.

12V fridge C51i(airlock)

Voucher codes:

For C51i in Grey use C51iSPRING25GREY

For C62i in Grey use C62iSPRING25GREY

Or for C62i in Black use C62iSPRING25BLACK

12 volt fridge C62i (airlock)

So don’t delay. This offer will only be open until the end of May, sooner if we sell out!

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