Confirming the Correct Compressor and Condenser

Select your compressor and condensing unit according to where in the World you plan to sail and how efficent you want your system to be.

water cooled, air cooled or keelcooled

Choose Water Cooling if you want the most efficient system possible or are planning to cruise the Med or the Tropics.
Water cooling is the most efficient condensing unit available because water dissipates heat far better than air (some 20x more effective). 

Keelcooling is the most efficient and reliable system of all as it uses water to cool the refrigerant but requires no pump so the only moving part is the compressor.  With no fan or pump the keelcooler is also the quietest marine refrigeration system available.

Frigoboat keelcooled compressor

Pump Water Cooled is best suited for multiple fridge and freezer systems where one pump can be used with up to three compressors.

Frigobaot water cooled compressor

Choose Air Cooled for Northern European cruising

Frigoboat air cooled compressor

An air cooled system is less efficient than a water cooled system but is cheaper to buy and easier to install.  To achieve maximum efficency from an air cooled system the coolest air source available should be fanned across an aluminium finned condenser and the heat expelled away to a different area.

Frigoboat supply a wide range of air cooled compressors.  The higher the compressor's maximum fridge capacity the bigger and better the aluminium forced air condenser.

Compressor sizing
Each compressor is rated to a maximum fridge or freezer capacity.  For a fridge up to 200 litres a Danfoss BD35 compressor is likely to be the best choice. For larger fridges and all freezers a bigger capacity compressor is always preferred, so where the plate will support it we always recommend a Danfoss DB50 compressor.

Speed settings
Both the BD35 and BD50 have four speed settings allowing you to optimise the compressor to the fridge or freezer application.  All the evaporator plates have a recommended compressor size and speed in the technical data.