Hotel and Office Refrigeration Hints and Advice

As well as considerations on the aesthetics and look of a fridge you also need to consider what it is being used for to decide on the best type for your needs.

What type of fridge do I need?

Absorption Cooling

Silent operation, but have a minimum temperature of 6°C so will not make ice, require excellent ventilation to work effectively and are more expensive to run.

If the number one priority is for the fridge to be silent then you must fit an absorption fridge.  Absorption fridges use ammonia as the coolant. Combining water, ammonia and hydrogen gas an absorption system creates a continuous cycle for the ammonia to condense and evaporate cooling the fridge.  The system uses a heater element and gravity so there is no noise from any mechanical parts and the fridges are truly silent.

Compressor Cooling

All Vitrifrigo compressor fridges have an A+ energy rating.  Ventilation, while still important is less critical and all our compressor fridges can be supplied with an ice compartment.

With accurate thermostatic control and much higher cooling capacity, if your fridge is for an office application or corporate hospitality/entertaining, specify a compressor fridge over an absorption unit.  They are much more efficient, will bring and maintain your drinks and food at a lower temperature faster and more accurately. 

Next Compressor Minibars

These provide the best of both worlds - silent when required and A+ energy rated.  A compressor system ensures excellent power efficiency and high cooling capcity but with a unique timer and accumulator system, the Next series can be set to only run at certain times of the day when the small noise from the compressor is not an issue.   

How Do I ensure Good Ventilation?

What Extras do I Need?