Marine Refrigeration Hints and Advice 12/24 Volt

In our experience the key to good 12/24 volt marine refrigeration is simplicity.  Avoid complicated power management systems, digital thermostats and other devices - instead concentrate on getting the basics right.  Whether you are looking for a front opening cabinet or components for an existing top loading box the principles and decision making processes are the same.

Working out exactly what you need to give you the best refrigeration for your boat can seem quite daunting so we have tried to break it down into the following key considerations:

Choose the most efficient 12/24 volt compressor and condenser
Depending on the boat, the location of the fridge and where in the world you are planning to go will all influence the type of condenser (and compressor) you should opt for.

Correct cooling options

Selecting the right fridge or freezer cabinet
Front opening or top loading? - are you able to fit a standard cabinet or do you need to build your own top loading fridge?

Maximise the Insulation
The better the insulation the more efficient the fridge or freezer will be.

DC fridge average power consumption

Ensure good ventilation
If you opt for an air cooled condenser the better the source of cool air to the condenser the more efficient your fridge will be.

DC Power Supply
Provide a good source of 12/24 volt DC power which can be charged from your alternator, battery charger, solar panels or wind generator.